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Complete Suite Lite

This is used for small scale Industries.

  • Purchase & Stock management
  • Pay slip Generations
  • Sales
  • Simple Accounts
  • Correspondence Management
  • User and Security Management
  • Auto Backup Facility



Takes care of all the production process activities such as Material Requirement Planning, Production Requirement Analysis, Forecasting and pre-planning of resources, Scheduling/Controlling/Maintaining the equipment. Helps in automating and maximum utilization of resources.

Maintains appropriate/required/lowest levels of inventory, analysis the inventory levels using ABC/FSN analysis methods, periodical analysis, handles loans materials to avoid production process delays, reduces the chances of malfunctioning and misuse of inventory.

This Module provides the facilities to enter standards tests to be performed, normal results/ranges, and analyses the results with the predefined standards & producing a final results whether to accept the material or to reject. QA module takes care of assuring the quality standards in all departments as per ISO standards.

Streamlines the procurement process as per ISO norms and standards such as floating enquiries, auto comparing quotations, finalizing orders.Helps in reducing the delivery delays to minimum which in turn helps in time delivery if resources and maintaining the production process as per schedule.

In House job works is a service function. It covers all the activities like receipt of Raw materials, performing quality checks, producing the finished goods,and delivering to the customers and Out-sourced job works take care of Batch Planning, Material Issues to Contractors, and Receipt of Semi /Finished goods from the Contractors.

Covers Finished/Semi-Finished Products, Customers, selling Procedures of Items, Producing Reports such as Customer wise, Item-wise, Area wise, Executive wise Sales Reports, Sales Analysis – as on date between dates, complete reports and etc.

Takes care of all the marketing activities such as Staff recruitment, Fielding, Marketing areas selection, Improvisation planning, Competitors listing, Customers gathering & handling, Covers CRM (Customer Relationship management)

This module covers all the functions of all Tax Registers. All the registers are internally integrated with stores, sales and production departments,so that all the registers are automatically updated.

Complete Suite’s Human Resource Solution Suite offers a range of modules to give the company complete management of its human resources. This module includes Talent Acquisition, Employee Management, Training, Planning & Recruitment, Employee Selection,Performance Management, Career Management, Payroll and Employee Separations cater to all your human resource management needs thus making work more organized and all the information available in the press of a button.

In this module whole business transactions can be recorded in DOUBLE ENTRY SYSTEM. This system gives all the information, which a businessman ordinarily likes to have. It gives importance to all transactions cash transactions, credit transactions and non-cash transactions. It is a complete accurate and perfect system.

This module deals with the correspondence details of the company. So that the information will be readily available. To know the feedback for the letters which have been sent to the respective departments? To keep track of all outgoing & incoming letters. To have all the addresses & phone numbers readily available for printing.

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